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After completing the 90 day transformation programme with Helen I am truly amazed at the changes happening in my life. The weekly sessions were so supportive and helped me uncover things about myself that had been blocking me making the changes I so desperately wanted. I’m now eating healthier, exercising more and none of this feels like an effort - it’s just what I do now. I feel so much more alive and energetic it’s unbelievable in such a short space of time. Helen is really easy to talk to and guides you through the activities helping you find your own answers with any problems you are experiencing. I really recommend the programme and urge anyone who is struggling to make changes to give it a go.


I had the privilege of being coached by Helen and I can honestly say it has had some profound lasting changes. The check in each week was just what I needed to keep me focused and on track and I discovered so much more about myself and my habits than I expected. Helen was great to talk to and I thoroughly enjoyed the content of the coaching course and the weekly guidance and accountability. It was a highly beneficial experience and I can't thank Helen enough.


Coaching with Helen has been such an eye opener.  When I started the programme, I wasn’t sure that I would be able to make the changes that I hoped for.  I had tried to regain control of my drinking for so long and kept failing.  Helen is so much more than a coach.  She really supports you all the way through without any judgment or criticism.  I felt able to be honest about how I was feeling, and she has helped me with any of my challenges and anything that came up during the programme.  Helen has a manner that is kind and caring and she shows a genuine interest in how I am doing.  Whenever I have found myself wondering why I had slipped or berating myself for not being strong, Helen has helped me to reflect on what was really going on.  I now feel that I am in full control again and confident that I will achieve my goals, thanks to Helen’s amazing coaching.


I identified a while ago that drinking alcohol had become a habit, that “treat” at the end of a hard working week or over indulging on my days off, it was a habit I wanted to stop but the truth is I couldn’t, there was always a reason to pour that little treat, it felt comforting, bringing a sense of warm, calm and feeling relaxed.  I decided I wanted to drink less, to change the habit, I followed Helen’s Facebook posts and could resonate so much with her words, I admired her glowing skin, her positive energy and enthusiasm to share her own transformation to help others. The day I decided to contact Helen I was apprehensive, I wanted to change my habit but questioned so much and asked myself, “do I really need a coach to help me?” The answer was yes!
Helen is one of the most lovely, kind, genuine women I have ever known, she is so passionate about helping others, she is patient, she has a vast knowledge on this process and does not judge you, she does not lecture you not to have a drink, instead she makes you really think about why you need that drink. What is so unique about Helen and why I decided she was the right coach for me was because she has been there, she has lived it, she understands totally what you are going through, the emotions, the excuses, the difficult moments and she’s there to help you turn those situations around. 
I am overwhelmed by the benefits I am experiencing, the “untoned tummy” I had gained through drinking alcohol is disappearing, I’ve lost weight, I have more energy, I am sleeping better and I feel like I have achieved so many personal goals already, I am in control, I could not have reached this point without my amazing coach. 
A 90 day transformation is an investment in yourself, to become the best version of you, I already know that this process is life changing for me. If you are reading Helen’s posts and resonating with them as I was, if you want to make a positive change I encourage you to contact Helen, it was the best decision I have ever made.


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