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After completing my transformation programme with Helen I am truly amazed at the changes happening in my life. The weekly sessions were so supportive and helped me uncover things about myself that had been blocking me making the changes I so desperately wanted. I’m now eating healthier, exercising more and none of this feels like an effort - it’s just what I do now. I feel so much more alive and energetic it’s unbelievable in such a short space of time. Helen is really easy to talk to and guides you helping you find your own answers with any problems you are experiencing. I really recommend working with Helen and urge anyone who is struggling to make changes to just do it.


I had the privilege of working with Helen and I can honestly say it has had some profound lasting changes. The accountability was just what I needed to keep me focused and on track and I discovered so much more about myself and my habits than I expected. Helen was great to talk to and I thoroughly enjoyed the content and the weekly guidance. It was a highly beneficial experience and I can't thank Helen enough.


Helen is an an amazing hypno-coach.  She really listened to what I needed and helped me with tangible ways to achieve my goals.  I went from feeling stuck and not really knowing how to turn things around to feeling empowered and positive about my life.  The changes have been lasting and I know I wouldn't be who I am today if I hadn't found Helen.  She was non-judgmental about the things that I felt a lot of shame and guilt about.  I felt safe in her hands and would recommend her whole heartedly to anyone in need of positive and constructive support with changing mindset and lifestyle.  Thank you Helen!


Fed up of the ravages of menopause and lock down on my mind and body I sought help from Helen.  An excellent facilitator, non judgemental and very supportive, Helen has worked with me to encourage the changes I wanted to make.  In a very calm and relaxed environment Helen has guided me and given me the confidence to have control over my life and body once again.  I can't recommend working with Helen highly enough.


After the last 25+ years of an abusive relationship with alcohol, I knew I had to bring it to an end.  I have tried so many programmes and books but nothing worked.  I felt despair that I would be forever trapped in the alcohol cycle.  I'm so glad I reached out to Helen to help me.  Not only am I sober but alcohol just doesn't even enter my thoughts.  My head is clearer, my emotions are more stable and I feel so much more resilient.  Now that's what I call freedom!  Thank you Helen, you have literally saved my life.


Helen is tremendous.  She has helped me to gain the confidence I needed to deal with my anxieties in life.  I am more confident in my approach to difficult situations and I don't let my worries take over in challenging situations.  I cannot recommend her enough.



I worked with Helen to address my intense and debilitating fear of heights.  She was professional and put me at ease and I really enjoyed the hypnotherapy session.  Helen was very calming and I found the experience very relaxing, I felt ready to face my fear head on!  The following week I did the cliff top walk which had been the catalyst in my contacting Helen and this time I did the terrifying part twice.  I was amazed at how calm I was and was absolutely elated by this experience.  I can't thank Helen enough and I would recommend her to anyone.


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