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I have been passionate about yoga for nearly a decade and am absolutely delighted that I am now able to offer it as part of my repertoire.  My teaching is designed for those who have always wanted to do yoga but never taken that next step. 


I incorporate yoga into my hypno-coaching work and also offer it independantly.  I love sharing the incredible benefits of this wonderful practice for both physical well-being and mental clarity. 


Yoga is also very powerful for emotional balance helping us to navigate challenges with greater resilience, and who doesn't need some of that?  Yoga is a holistic approach to our health and compliments everything I do perfectly.

I have a Facebook group 'Calm your anxiety corner' which offers taster sessions of my yoga - click here to join.


I also have an online monthly membership for those looking for a more regular practice - click here to join. 

See you on the mat soon x

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